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Judy Scott Welden

I hope you find this to be a useful, friendly site. I have created it with the goal of sharing recipes, D.I.Y crafts and home organization tips.

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Asparagus Quiche

If you are trying to save on your grocery dollars, here is a simple tip. Serve eggs for supper in place of meat at least once a week.  

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Rice & Bean Casserole


This is a great one-pan dish that everyone likes!

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Cookbook called: Mustard Makeovers and More!. My review of this cookbook

A few years ago, I was invited to join a few food industry colleagues for a farm tour in Saskatchewan.  I eagerly went on the farm tour and two years later, I find that I am still happily sharing bits of knowledge that I learned from the farm tour with friends and family.  


For example, prior to the trip, I never really gave mustard much thought.

Weekend Kitchen Updates on a budget

Like many of you, I have been working on decorating our house since we moved in! I just love to move things around, try a chair here and then the next day, move it to another spot.  As a matter of fact, my dad put a coffee table on wheels for me, so I can move it around.  I just love playing house and dressing up my adult 'doll house'.  

I am writing this post on the transformation of my kitchen over the past few years, I think about how grateful I am and how much I love my kitchen.  I love the windows and the light that comes into my kitchen everyday and the little touches that my dad, husband and I have added.



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