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Hello and thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you find this to be a useful, friendly site. I have created it with the goal of sharing recipes, D.I.Y crafts and home organization tips.

Looking though my small collection of old cookbooks, I have found that since the 1800’s, homemakers have been keeping homemaking journals.  This is probably so they can remember from one year to the next, how to do something but also, I am thinking, so they can pass along information.  I am viewing this site the same way.  A place to share and provide help when it comes to running our homes and nourishing our families.

I hope you too will pass along anything you find interesting to help someone else.  Thanks for sharing and passing things along.  

Please comment or share your ideas.  I would love to hear your ideas. The best way to reach me is to message me on my Facebook page

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I always want to learn and collaborate.  Please reach out if you have news you want to share, events you think I might be interested in. New products you want our team to try.  Cookbooks to review.  Products to give away.  I am always happy to chat.  You can send me a message through twitter @JudyFoodieCA

Love to reconnect and connect with media and broadcasters.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many over the years and it is always a delight to re-connect and talk about food, D.I.Y crafts and home organization tips.

I think your home should be your special place of joy.

fyi.  If you are setting up an event, my company rents out a PORTABLE DEMONSTRATION kitchen with an overhead mirror for cooking shows. We will set it up at your event.  Here is the link but message me you want more information.   Demonstration Kitchen With Overhead Mirror for rent




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