Hi friends,  I often have had the privilege, (one of the favourite parts of my job) of going to a TV studio and discussing a food subject or product, or showing how to make a new recipe on TV.  I have had this privilege for many years now.  Gosh, I think I was only  in my twenties, when one of my Home Economist jobs required travelling and making stops at TV, Radio and newspaper offices along with sometimes a stop at a church hall for a cooking show in the evening.  

Those were busy, exhausting, but fun days! It teaches you organization in spades.  

Today, I still get asked to appear on TV, talk about a new product, discuss a food or nutrition subject or show off a new recipe.  I love this.  What a privilege!  I get to think, and come up with what I hope is useful for you. 

I will post to Facebook and twitter to let you know when I am on TV or radio next, so you can maybe catch a segment.  I am always happy to hear what you think.  Just message me on Facebook.  

Here are a few links below:

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